Diamond Law Training crop strongly recommends consulting for any organization that seeks to reduce implicit bias within its policies, processes, and culture. Barbara J. Diamond is a veteran mediator, litigator, and organizational change consultant. She loves to partner with organizations to reduce the impact of cumulative bias. If you would like more information or a free consultation, please email, use our online form, or call 503-229-0400.

What We Can Do:

1. Tailor trainings to the specific needs of the workplace

2. Assist clients to apply the implicit bias lens to recruitment, hiring, and promotion, among other processes

3.  Assist clients to develop accountability in developing and implementing bias reduction efforts

4.  Facilitate conversations and learning sessions to address disputes or tensions involving race, LGBT identities, gender, and/or disability

5. Provide mediation to resolve pending EEO complaints or grievances

6. Work with organizations and employee unions to create true labor-management collaboration on bias issues as part of collective bargaining or ongoing labor-management committee work

Representative Clients and Participants